Interested in Exotic Birds? Consider Adopting

Exotic birds are so lovely that many people like to keep them as pets. They can have wonderful personalities and many of them will talk and sing. If you're done your research and you're ready for everything that's involved in keeping an exotic bird, you can narrow it down to the "adopt or buy" question. Here are some pros and cons of each method of acquiring a bird. Adoption When you adopt a bird, you go through a rescue group or take the bird from someone who is looking for a home for it. Here are some pros and cons to that approach. Pros of Adopting: * You will be doing a good deed - exotic birds have reached out-of-control numbers and many birds need homes. Also, you will give peace of mind to the person who needed a home for his or her bird. * Adopted birds may already be trained and tame. * Many times an adopted bird will come with its own supplies, such as a cage, food dishes, toys, and so forth. * The previous owner or rescue group folks can give you insights as to the bird's temperament, favorite foods, routine, etc. * It's more affordable than buying a bird from a breeder or pet store. * Those who adopt birds out usually will coach you and answer questions you have before and after you get the bird. Cons of Adopting: * An adopted bird might be a "problem" bird. * There may not be a rescue group in your area. * Rescue groups can have pretty strict criteria for allowing someone to adopt a bird. * You may not get exactly the breed or kind of bird you want. Buying When you buy an exotic bird, you'll generally go to a breeder or a pet store. Here are some of the pros and cons to that approach. Pros of Buying: * You can choose the type of bird you want, from breed to temperament. * You can usually see the parents of the bird or at least find its origins. * The pet store will usually have all the supplies you need right there. Cons of Buying: * Exotic birds tend to be very expensive. * You don't get much coaching or help with your new bird. * You might be contributing to an illegal "bird mill" or just the problem of too many exotic birds if you buy. Remember, regardless of how you obtain your exotic bird, you will need to get him or her checked out by a veterinarian as soon as possible after you buy/adopt.


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