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Birds are a special kind of pet. They are not exactly soft and cuddly, like certain other animals, but that’s not why we love them. We love them because they are amazing creatures. They are stunning, smart, and just plain cool. At Bird Supplies Direct, we want to share our love of birds with as many people as possible. And we think that the best way to achieve that mission is to make it easier than ever to shop for, and to care for pet birds.

Our site provides visitors with a wealth of information about how to keep birds the right way. So, whether you’re a beginner still thinking of getting a bird, or you’re an experienced owner, you’ll benefit from the content that we gather here. We understand that one of the greatest barriers to keeping birds is cost. It’s not cheap to invest in a cage, and maintain it every day while caring for it’s residents. That’s why we bring you great deals on all the supplies you need for your pet bird. So, join us, and see how rewarding bird ownership can be.

Welcome to the wonderful world of birds! We've gathered all the best products and information for you and your birds.

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